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Membership Categories

Golf Membership

Offers property owners all that the Torreon Experience has to offer.

Unit Golf Membership (currently unavailable)

Specific to select properties in Torreon. This program offers the resident the opportunity to transfer their membership privileges to shared owners and/or renters of their property in Torreon (specific policies apply and are subject to change).

Invitational Golf Membership 

A program that offers the same full access to Torreon as the Golf Membership for Non-Torreon Residents.

Trial Golf Membership (currently unavailable)

Offers both Residents and Non-Resident the option to preview all that Torreon has to offer. A great option to see all the great benefits Torreon offers before committing to the full membership. An Initiation fee of $2,500 and begin paying the appropriate Torreon resident or non-resident monthly dues is all that is required to begin your membership. (availability is limited)

Young Professional Membership (currently unavailable)

Designed for potential members who are still working and have other obligations that still take up a big part of their time but want to belong to a private club. With reduced dues and payment plans for initiation fees, this is a great option for members ages 23-45.

Legacy Membership

Designed to continue the private club tradition through each family generation. Children of current members have the ability to continue the family legacy through the membership held by their parents at Torreon. This program also offers the same reduced dues program as the Young Professional Membership and does not require an initiation fee.

Corporate Membership

Membership at a private club is a great way grow your business, reward employees and enjoy your time away from work. Verifiable corporations can open a membership at Torreon that allows one Primary member and up to 4 Designated members (also employees of the corporation). 

To speak with someone about opening your membership at Torreon, please call 928-532-8000 and ask for our Membership Coordinator, Carol Heuett (

**All membership plans are subject to change and availability may be limited. Please call for most current available memberships**